Monthly Archives: January 2011

Snowmageddon II: This time it’s personal

We survived another Snowmageddon here in the D.C. area this week.

It was “only” about eight inches, not the three feet that dumped on us last February, but in many ways this storm was worse. It was a wet, heavy snow that came down at a rate of about two inches an hour, and it started falling right at the peak of the evening commute. Hundreds of trees broke under the weight of the snow, which led to massive power outages all over the region, and traffic was tied up for hours on most major roadways. A nightmare all around.

Here in Fairfax, we lost power for about 24 hours — and it went out while we were working from home. Not fun, but we were lucky compared with the thousands in the area who still don’t have electricity as I write this. (How mad are people about this? Well, in a live interview that just aired on News 4 at 6, a visibly angry Jim Vance tore into Thomas Graham, the president of PEPCO, a utility in Maryland that has a reputation for gross inefficiency when it comes to fixing outages. Vance used the phrase “pissed off,” perhaps forgetting it was family TV time.)

On the upside, we did avoid the commute from hell.


Blog emerges from long dormant period

OK, so I haven’t updated this thing since August. I made a New Year’s resolution to try to do more with this site, and I’m going to. Not right now, though.

But please, dear reader, stay tuned.